Career and Technology Studies

“co-creating learning opportunities” 
CTS is the Prairie Spirit School Division’s response to Senior Years Technology Education.  Career Technology Studies (CTS) was developed out of a need to provide authentic and equitable educational experiences to students in rural Manitoba.
It is a strategy developed to enable students in small rural high schools to access technical/vocational options.

CTS optimizes learning opportunities for students by combining the resources of both school and community to create flexible individualized programming.  CTS aligns curricular outcomes from school-based courses, community-based internships, and career development activities to support student learning.  This combination of learning opportunities is designed for student participants to increase the depth and breadth of their personal knowledge and experience.

Students subscribe to a “program” based on their interests, experience and aspirations.  A program is made up of 8 optional courses that serve to focus and develop the knowledge, skills, and interests of students in a broad occupational area.

Learning activities engage students in a process that incorporates technology applications in core subjects, lab-based experimentation and internship.  Outcomes include high levels of student “engagement” and “technological literacy”.


Division Coordinator: Jim Hoger 723-2047 or 526-5533
CTS Teachers: Cherill Boles Pilot Mound 825-2559
Darren Kirk Glenboror & Bladur 827-2593
Debbie Cousin Somerset 744-2751
Dixie Gardiner Cartwright 529-2357
Eleanor Sampson Treherne 723-2781
Kelly Richardson St. Claude 379-2441
Rachel Vigier Manitou 242-2640


Career and Technology Study