Career and Technology Studies

“co-creating learning opportunities” 
CTS is the Prairie Spirit School Division’s response to Senior Years Technology Education.   CTS is a structural framework for assembling learning opportunities from both school and community resulting in highly individualized, flexible programming. Optional courses from Technology Education (Building Systems, Home Economics, and Business/ Computer Studies, Electronics) are combined with community-based “Career Internship”, and Career Development activity to create 'Programs'.  Students subscribe to 'programs' based on their interests and career aspirations (at the Grade 11 or 12 level).  A program is made up of eight (8) option courses that serve to focus and develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences of students in a broad occupational area (e.g. Human Services Technology).   Learning opportunities combine community-based experience, in-school lab experience, and core subject classroom experiences resulting in increased student “technical literacy” and self-confidence.  All students may pursue a “Dual Diploma” (both English and Technology) by selecting option courses that follow patterns outlined in the program descriptions.


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Career and Technology Studies Summary


Career and Technology Study